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About White Hawk

In the Native American culture, the White Hawk is a totem, or spiritual animal that represents the power of vision and intuition. Keen vision is perhaps the greatest asset of the White Hawk, and the bird is often used as a symbol for soaring.

In 1999, Martin (Marty) Edwards and Holly Armstrong created The White Hawk Group, a general contracting company. Marty is a member of the Choctaw Tribe of Oklahoma, and chose to name his business after the sacred White Hawk -- symbolic of his grand vision and goal to soar, or succeed. After excelling in the SBA 8a program, Marty and Holly were inspired to diversify and complement their construction services with design capabilities. Their inspiration was the beginning of White Hawk Engineering and Design.

In 2010, Marty and Holly joined with Greg Sutterfield and Kimberly D. Brooks, P.E. to officially establish White Hawk Engineering and Design. White Hawk Engineering is a distinct company focused on civil engineering, environmental services, surveying, and mapping. Our owners have embraced the White Hawk name and some of its most notable attributes as the foundation of our company:

  • Clear Vision
  • Leadership
  • Focus

To this end, White Hawk has assembled a team of seasoned, quality service professionals who stand ready to respond to your engineering, design, environmental, or survey needs.